(Trying to Be) Grateful for the Gift of Gray

Last week was my 39th birthday and like many people who are approaching the big 4-0, I’ve been thinking about aging lately. I like how I’m aging on the inside, but I’d love to get to the point of completely accepting what aging means on the outside.

Truth Time

I admit it. I pluck my gray hairs. And now that they are appearing more often and in higher quantity, I know my plucking days should be done. But I will not dye my hair to cover the gray. Mainstream hair dyes have way too many nasty and dangerous chemicals for this green girl, and even though I could find a safer alternative at Whole Foods, this is where I draw the line. No hair dye. All natural I choose to be. But ack! The time has come! Pretty soon my gray hair will be on display for the world to see (and judge). The thought of entering that new territory scares me. And being ‘scared’ by the thought of showing my gray hair has me upset. Once I get past my insecurity, I find my courage. That’s when I say,

“So what?” Continue reading

You May Have Diastasis Recti (Say What?) – Sharing My Journey So Yours Can Be Easier

If you are a mom, whether you gave birth last month, last year, or last decade, I want to share some information I came across after my second baby was born.

Brace yourself: you may have diastasis recti, which is the term for the separation of the stomach muscles that happens during pregnancy. But relax and breathe. It’s a big word for what is normal and usually just a small problem. (However, the bigger the diastasis, the more it may cause back pain.)


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Before you go any further, please read my disclaimer

In an effort to save you time and effort, I will share my journey on diastasis recti I like to call:

Fix My Abs in 21 Steps

1. About 18 months post partum (after child #2), I came to the conclusion that my little belly pooch probably needs some attention, since I was well beyond the I-just-had-a-baby-that’s-why-my-tummy-looks-like-this period.

2. I started a (half-hearted) routine of doing some ab crunches every day. (Bleh.)

3. Some random bit of information about checking for diastasis recti after having a baby caught my attention. Was there perchance an actual reason for my tummy pooch, beyond the obvious culprit (i.e. eating too many chocolate chips)?

4. I followed the instructions for doing a quick check, which are simply to lie on your back with your knees bent, place your fingers near your belly button, and lift your head. If you feel a gap that is a couple fingers wide, you have diastasis recti. (For more detailed instructions, you can go here. For a video with instructions, you can go here. To read my disclaimer, go here.)

5. I felt literally nauseous when I felt the gap in my ab muscles. Eeew. Continue reading

Are You Seeing the Bluebonnets or the Cactus?


Not a native Texan, I learned about the beloved state flower of Texas, the bluebonnet, when I moved here. I fell in love with the bluebonnets once I had children – and learned about the Texas tradition of taking photos in bluebonnets. Loving photography as I do, this was an easy tradition to adopt and I eagerly await the three weeks each year when bluebonnets are in bloom.

Our Bluebonnet pictures over the years

Our bluebonnet pictures over the years

As I was driving through the Texas countryside a few weeks ago I found myself ‘oohing’ and ‘aaahing’ at all the little patches of bluebonnets springing up along the side of the road. My parents (who were visiting from out of state) were driving behind me and when we reached our destination the first thing I asked them was, “Did you see all the bluebonnets along the road?” They have seen my bluebonnet photos and are aware of the tradition and I was excited they could actually seem them in bloom in person.

“No, we didn’t. But we did see the cactus,” was my mom’s reply.

Huh. I didn’t see any cactus. How could two people driving along the same road see different things? Continue reading

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